Welcome to Reset Tattoo Removal. Our goal is to provide our clients with laser tattoo removal service that is safe, effective as well as affordable. We employ the use of the latest advances in medical technology to offer the most effective tattoo removal service for those that are interested in removing their tattoos.

Safety First

Our service is offered in the safest environments for clients that are interested in either laser tattoo removal or lightening the tattoo for a cover up.

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Remove The Tattoo And Save Money!

Reset Tattoo removal offers the most affordable laser tattoo removal solutions in Las Vegas, Nevada because we believe in fair pricing. We provide our clients with the right expectations on their laser removals. We are interested in bringing fair pricing to an industry saturated with distraught and to help clients that are often discouraged by huge fees. Our low cost as well as easy to understand pricing will save you money.

Our Service To You

Serving Las Vegas and Its Environs

We are focused on helping you to have a better understanding of your tattoo removal goals. We perform, educate and set expectations on the process of laser tattoo removal. We will be happy to give you the information that you need to take the right step. Let us help you.

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State Of The Art Equipments

One of the most important factors in the success of getting the tattoo removed safely and efficiently is to make sure it’s performed by using the best laser in the industry. We are one of the very few to invest in the Quanta Q Plus C. The Quanta Q Plus C is the gold standard in tattoo removal and is currently the only machine approved by the FDA to successfully remove tattoos of all colors