Our Services

Our laser tattoo removal services help our clients get rid of bad ink, bad memories as well as the increasing tattoo regret that more than half of people have after getting a tattoo. We offer the lowest pricing in the region because we are interested in providing an affordable, convenient, and effective tattoo removal.

Although it’s better to discuss your laser tattoo removal during our consultation session, it is also important to have an idea of the whole process to guide you whole making a decision on your tattoo removal. As a result, we have highlighted below, the services that we offer.

Pre-Treatment Service

Every client that we test has different stories. We give our tattoo removal clients the room to ask pressing questions and express any concerns. During your free consultation, we will take into consideration your location, colors, age as well as the tattoo size. We will also take your medical history and other medical conditions into consideration to determine the right treatment meant for you. The pre-treatment service will help us set realistic goals and to determine the number of laser treatments that will be required for your tattoo removal.

Treatment Service

After educating our clients on the process of tattoo removal, we will give them a tailored plan that will meet their needs. Our team of professional and certified laser tattoo removals will outline the most effective and safest approaches to get rid of the tattoos and healing methods.

Aftercare Service

A successful tattoo removal process depends on accurate aftercare just like the treatment itself. At Reset Tattoo removal, we recommend that our clients take the required time to heal. We modify healing techniques based on client and their lifestyle. Our team will give you the necessary guidance throughout your treatment.